Swim Bike Run


APG has been around since 2002 when a group of  us who trained and hung out together decided to form a racing team and let our presence be known in local races and around the country. We also did this to be more visible during races so we could cheer for one another more easily and in turn make races more fun. Our name, Amy's Playgroup ("APG") reflects the levity and the attitude of the group to this day!  We started with no more than 10 people. Our numbers have grown to over 100.

While we have Kona qualifiers, multiple Boston finishers and some of the world's best ultra runners on our team, our emphasis  is on participation not performance. A members first sprint tri is cheered just as strongly as someone elses win or 10th Ironman finish. We train, race and have multiple pool parties every summer.  We stay at races until our last 'mate hascrossed the finish line and we always stay through awards.

APG members have competed in hundreds of triathlons, marathons, duathlons, adventure races, ultra races, open water swims, century rides etc.  We have represented at races in nearly every state and several foreign countries including national and world championships.

Along the way APG has developed a relationship with many sponsors and professional triathletes and yes, APG has a well-earned reputation for being the party group.

Join us! C'mon! It'll be fun! With much respect always,  Amy Sanborn