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Are We Right For You?

There never have been nor will there ever be membership dues because we are a group of friends not a club or organization. Likewise, hiring me as your coach is not a prerequisite for being part of our team.  While many of us race seriously, we don't take ourselves seriously and we don't believe people should have to pay in order to train together. In fact, many of us train ourselves.  We share our experiences and learn a lot from one another.
If you join us it means you are looking to share in the fun and festivities.  While we don't have rules or regulations, remember to bring food and beverage to parties and always feel free to bring a friend, significant other or spouse with you!  We encourage you to share training opportunities with members of the group and invite people to train with you.  The more people who participate in putting together group training the better and all levels of experience are welcome.
While you don't have to wear our jerseys we love it if you do and you'll find you'll get lots of cheers on race courses when people recognize you!  We also have T-shirts, tech shirts and visors to round out your wardrobe.  At races we cheer for one another as well as everyone in the community!