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JB Receiving Kona AwardAPG offers the social aspect of triathlons and marathons and is different than any other triathlon team, running club or coaching group. We are just friends who have the same interests and want to train and race and socialize together. Some of my best and closest friends are from APG. This is not just a training and racing group. We love to train together and race side by side but this group is extremely inclusive of all abilities. Our friends range from elite runners and triathletes to first-timers and races range from a local 5k to relays to Ironman to 200 mile Ultra-endurance runs.  APG is not about being the fastest but more about being social and playing well with others....hence, the "playgroup" in the name. It's awesome to race in APG gear because everybody knows you and the APG extended family is HUGE!  Spouses and significant others are always welcome and find it easy to find others that are there for support as well.

It's easy to play along. We generally communicate our training intentions via email and there is almost always someone of equal pace, etc. We don't drop bike riders, leave people in the open water or make you finish your run by yourself because that wouldn't be playing nice. There are no dues or requirement that you pay for coaching or other services. We only ask that you participate in our outings and that you attempt to make our social events. We often travel for events and races and the road trips are some of our best memories. The fun extends way beyond triathlons and endurance sports. In the past we have had happy hours, ski nights, pool parties, cookouts, afternoons at the Terrace, weddings, Holiday parties......you get the idea!

We are always looking for more playmates and to make more friends along the way. "Come on, it'll be fun" as Amy says.


My friends in APG are like a nicely broken in pair of running shoes.....  You put them on and they just feel right.  You may not run every time with them, but when you come back, you know they are right there waiting for you.  APG is a great group of friends first, athletes/competitors second.   I am amazed at the diversity of the group and how supportive they are to one another.....not just on the race course, but off as well.  I am fortunate to be a part of this group.


Simply put:  Amy and APG are awesome!!  I have had the pleasure of being coached by Amy for many marathons, triathlons, a 50 mile trail run, and 2 Ironmans.  I cannot say enough positive things about her!  She is always positive, always motivating, and always patient!  I've finished every race successfully and with a smile because of her guidance and training plans.

I didn't have to be coached by her to become a part of APG though, and I think that is one of the coolest things about APG. It is just a wonderful group of peeps who like the same things! It doesn't matter how fast you are, who you are coached by, or how long your race is. All shapes and sizes are invited.  The only requirement I've ever seen is to HAVE FUN!

After all, isn't that what it's all about?  Come on, it'll be fun!